Mission to Haiti-August 2013

Our team was a small group of nine: Roger Hall, Lynne Lundberg, Elizabeth Jones, Jon, Betty & Marissa Peebles, Dave & Collin Broadie.

Called by the Lord and Christ Church to minister to children in poverty we served with children in a pastor's garage, in a village school, and on the porch of an orphanage.

Crafts, activities, food, Bible stories and songs all captivated little lives as they themselves captured our hearts. We partnered with RTS Missions on their Love Haiti Project for this trip. Their website link is below. Also below are pictures which show merely a glimmer of the light that illuminated in our lives, shown on the faces of the Haitian people, and dazzled in the glory of God's precious work being accomplished.

The team helped build the foundation for the walls that they would build from the funds God raised through our requests. Thanks to His grace this church would leave a weathered tent and embrace the safety of a building where they could double in size. It was a very beneficial trip for everyone whose lives came together in this story. You should join us for the next trip and add your life to this storyline of Christ Church!