April 2016 Haiti Mission Trip


In January of 2010, a devastating earthquake in Haiti mobilized Christ Church to get involved in long-term solutions in Haiti. This April will be our 11th trip to Haiti in pursuit of a vision to educate orphans in hopes of creating leaders who can transform Haiti.

In April, we will return to a community called Lascahobas. Lacahobas is a mountain community about a 3-hour drive up the mountain from Port Au Prince (the capitol & city with the airport).

Partner Organization & History

We're partnering with Greg & Maria Shepherd's mission through RTS Missions. We have worked with Greg on many trips previously. His trips are always the right balanace of bonding with the local community, construction, worship and healing. He provides a safe and secure environment that we'll "live" in for the week, arranges all of our transportation, food, work, worship and so much more. Greg's mission trips are amazing because of the talent God gives him and his passion for Haiti. We'll be in great hands.

Greg lives in Haiti with his wife, Maria, and son, Caleb.

Here are two short videos from Caleb Shepherd to give you an idea of what Haiti is like & why they're in Haiti as a family:

We have seen some amazing things on our trips with RTS Missions. On a trip over Spring Break 2015, we did a Bible School with children at a church whose pastor, Pastor Anavain, asked us to pray about building a church. First United Methodist in Marion partnered with us on the trip and heard the request as well. Marion raised money for a trip, we supplemented with money from Christ Church, and in August of 2015, First United Methodist assisted with the physical construction of Pastor Anavain's church! Since the construction of the building, Pastor Annavain's church has doubled its worship attendance and over 90 kids are receiving an education.

 Pastor Anavain's old church.  

 Pastor Anavain's old church.  

On this trip

On our trip, we'll be building an education building as a part of that church. It will be the first of Greg & Maria's RTS Academies that will be established in the Lascahobas Haiti area. These academies will provide education for 225 kids in K-6.

Greg has been working with other teams on the ground & the church community there to accomplish the digging of the foundation & get it ready for the RTS Academy building we'll have the pleasure of helping construct.

In addition to physically building the structure, we'll spend time praying over people, leading vacation Bible school activities and worshiping God.

You Can Help

We are looking for partners to help support us with prayer and finances on our trip. Prayers are a much-needed, absolutely necessary part of our trip. Will you commit to praying for us today?

We would much appreciate your financial support as well. To cover airfare, food and lodging, ground transportation, and construction costs, we need each member of the team to raise $1700.

You can support our trip praying for us and financially by giving online now.

April 2016 Mission Team:

  • Mike Miller
  • Roger Hall
  • Natalie Cremer
  • Julie Cremer
  • Alisa Baker
  • Collin Broadie
  • Linda Rymars
  • Rick Koerner
  • Laisee Shakespeare
  • Jenny Brinkmeyer
  • Nathan Brinkmeyer
  • Dale Kuehl
  • Cami Phillips
  • Mike Janes
  • April Buske