August 2016 Haiti Mission Trip

Hello Again friends!

Christ Church is taking another mission trip to Haiti. We are so grateful to again be partnered with RTS Missions (check out their info in the previous post!).

This time, we'll be doing a medical trip where we'll see patients who are excited to see Nurse Kathy. Nurse Kathy will be helping diagnose and prescribe treatments to the people she sees each day. But it's not all about Nurse Kathy, there are so many other jobs, too.

We'll have a team of people who will be educating and working with the children, a reading-glasses testing area and dispensary, a pharmacy (who will dispense the prescriptions--which could be as simple as ibuprofin!), and a triage (blood pressure, temperature, fact-finding questions).

Will you consider praying for the team members?

  • Collin Broadie
  • Dave Broadie
  • Jack Dusthimer
  • Kathy Dusthimer
  • Casey Gaylord
  • Olivia Gunn
  • Kelsey Hovey
  • Linda Rymars
  • Megan Janes
  • Jennifer Janes

Your prayers help support our team while they are preparing and serving in Haiti.