We believe that a life rich in faith is focused around three vital activities. We do these because we follow the life-giving example of Jesus Christ. Another word for follower is disciple, so we call this our disciple-making process.

Experience God's Love

God is real, and he wants us to enter into life-giving, grace-filled relationship with him. At Christ Church, we meet together regularly in large groups to enourage each other in that relationship. Read more

Develop Relationships

Relationship with God flows naturally into relationships with the people around us. Christ Church creates numerous opportunities for people build friendships and partnerships that encourage faith, hope, and love. Read more

Revive the World

God is on a mission to bring life and redemption to the world around us. We actively engage with that mission by volunteering time and money to children in poverty around our community and around the world. Read more


Keep at it!

Our connection to Jesus Christ is strengthened continually as we continuously engage this process.

So what's next?

This site is your road map through the disciple-making process at Christ Church.

If you're ready to experience more of God's love in your life, visit our Experience page for service times, recordings of former sermons, and more.

If you're interested in building friendships with people of faith, visit our Develop page for more information about Christ Church study groups and small fellowship groups that meet regularly.

If you're ready to start applying your faith to the world around you, visit our Revive page. There you will find a number of opportunities to volunteer your time or money to serve hurting, broken, poor, sick or vulnerable people.