Projects and Details

In case you are wondering what to expect. We got some details from Lindsay, our site director for Next Step Ministries.

First and foremost, we'll be divided into three projects with the other students that will be there from other churches.

Each of the projects that we'll be doing will be about 25 minutes from where will be staying, so we'll have a little earlier wake-up time than we originally thought. No worries though, we'll have time for a nap on the ride back, right?

So, we'll be working on three different projects this week, each having one group assigned to it.

  • tearing down and rebuilding a wheelchair ramp for a woman that needs handicap access to her home
  • demolition of and building a garage for a resident
  • roofing a home for a resident

How cool are these projects!! Also, on Thursday night we'll have a neighborhood/community cookout.

On Friday, we'll spend part of the day on the beach and then head across town for an afternoon in the park with some local children/teens. This will be a great opportunity to pour into the lives of those in the community.

So, these are the updates that we have so far. We (April & Mike) look foward to seeing you on Saturday night!

April & Mike