Traveling to Ohio today

Our journey today started off early. Most of the students were up past midnight and only got a few hours of sleep. They ate donuts and orange juice, packed the vehicles, cleaned up and we were on the road by 5 am.

The drive was pretty long, all 8 hours of it, but we arrived in Avon lake about 3:00 local time (we're in the eastern time zone now).

We hurried to unload vehicles because there had been a lot of heavy downpours throughout the day and throughout our drive.

As soon as we unloaded, the boys and girls separated into their respective bedroom(s) and most of the students laid down to take naps.

Tonight we'll get together for dinner aroudn 5 pm and then do worship and games this evening.

The church we're staying in is pretty nice. We're definitely lucky to have a great space to do our mission trip out of. We'll be enjoying the heat and humidity of Ohio sans air conditioning, but we're all alive and well!

Here's some snapshots of the kids sprawled out. There will be more pictures to follow!