Work day 1

After a good night's sleep, Day 1 started by being awoken to guitar music and singing.

We hurried and got dressed, did personal hygiene and headed down the hall to make breakfast (cereal--it took a lot of effort) and pack our lunches. (Check out the hashtag #NextStepOhio on Facebook and Instagram for pictures we post as we go).

Then we did our morning devotionals and headed over to the worksites.

We stuck a GoPro on one of the kids, so you'll get to see some videos of digging and demolition once we get enough internet power to upload them (poor Katie Roquet from Wesley is waiting patiently for those to upload).

But, we also took a lot of pictures that will be uploaded, too.

Each worksite was a little different, Kalli and Ben took turns using the jackhammer while they're demolishing a concrete wheelchair ramp. Some of the boys were stripping shingles off of a roof that needs repaired.

Another group took cleaned out a garage--which involved moving a 70s era Vega that had four flat tires that were rusted into place and didn't run. They also began the process of stripping the garage down to its studs/frame (removing the siding, an overhang and some sheetrock).

The third group pulled up a wooden wheelchair ramp and helped transplant some greenery.

Each group had a lot of work cut out for them and it seems like they did a really good job! Mike has been capturing a lot of video to share with you.

All of the students have made other friends and even are beginning to sit with them at mealtimes. Our worksite crews are mixed with people from all four churches that are here this week. So, we're really getting out of our comfort zone.

After we returned back from our worksites we took turns showering--in a trailer. You'll have to ask your students about that adventure. We learned that Ohio has just as many Mayflies as Iowa! And those Mayflies really enjoy the shower trailer.

After showering, we had free time until dinner, which was excellently prepared by our Next Step staff. The congregation at the church we are staying at hosted an Ice Cream Social for us after dinner, so we had the opportunity to meet some of the parishioners and enjoy a sweet treat.

Finally, we wrapped up the night with worship and are now heading into free time.

We've been busy pretty much every moment of the day and there has not been time for us to post all of the pictures. But, we hope to soon!