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Ohio Mission 2018 Key Info

  • Eligible Students: Entering 6th grade for the 2017-2018 school year through the graduating 2018 seniors
  • Trip Dates: June 17-23 returning on 6/23 (late night)
  • Trip Cost: $725 per student
  • Trip Location: Lorain County, Ohio
  • Points of Contact: April Buske, text via Remind or call 563.391.5488
  • Bonus Perk: Saturday Fun Day will be included if fundraising goal is exceeded


Check out the Ohio Events tab at the top of this page, we'll have all scheduled meetings & events posted here. In the description of each event, details on parent attendance is listed.

Students should plan on attending all meetings, however up to 1 meeting may be excused with prior notice.

Why Ohio?

Our students are exposed to poverty right in our own community. However, a lot of times we become hardened to the things we see every day. Taking the students just a few hours away can change theis perspective.

We partnered with Next Step Ministries because they develop relationships with the community for long-term development and progress. And, their work is real, tangible and long-lasting.

Lorain County Facts

  • population of Lorain county: 301,478
  • population of Elyria: 55,953
  • population of Lorain (town): 64,097
  • decrease in Elyria population since 2000: 3.3%
  • decrease in Lorain (town) population since 2000: 6.6%
  • percent of population below the poverty line: 17%, roughly 1:6 people
  • precent of children living below the poverty line: 21%, roughly 1:5 children
  • percent of population over 65: 14%
  • percent of population over 65 living below the poverty line: 9.5%

data provided by Next Step Ministries, 2014

More details on Lorain county

  • Elyria is the county seat
  • Lorian county is considered 93% rural, 7% urban
  • Steel was the major industry during the 1800s and first half of the 1900s
  • Recession severly damaged steel industry and the jobs it created shut down (the US Steel Mill of Lorain is nearly 3 miles long, it once employed thousands and now just 600)

data provided by Next Step Ministries, 2014

Who we'll be working with

Next Step Ministries has parterned with many local organziations to ensure that our work in Lorain county is both impactful and long-lasting. On our trip we'll be working closely with Avon Lake Presbyterian Church and Neighborhood Alliance. Both of these local organizations provide direction, partnership and long-term local investment in their own community.

Where We'll be Staying

Avon Lake Presbyterian Church 32340 Electric BLVD. Avon Lake, OH 44012

Accommodations: air conditioned sanctuary, bathrooms, shower trailer (with individual stalls), kitchen

please note: students will not have access to cell phones or internet while they are on site

Emergency Contact Info

As your student most likely already mentioned, they will not be allowed to have cell phones during our week on site.

However, you can contact April via Remind or via email or Helen via Remind or via email.

Next Step Ministires can also be reached:

  • Toll Free: 866.534.2009
  • Beth Crocker (Next Steps Office): 608.514.4051
  • Nick Cocalis (Next Steps Director): 608.213.2650

Please reach out to April or Helen first as we will be on the ground and able to reach students in a quick and timely fashion.