Online Giving via PushPay

Christ Church uses PushPay, an online giving service, to host our online giving capabilities. You can give anytime here.

You can access our PushPay in three ways:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Phone

You will have the ability to give via a mobile friendly website and by our church and PushPay apps.

You can give on PushPay using:

  • EFT (electronic funds transfer/using the information from a check)
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

Giving can be set up as a recurring transaction or as a one-time gift. For example, you can set up your tithe or offering as a recurring gift to support the general budget at any time. You would simply go to our PushPay site, listed as "GIVE" throughout our website.

You will also be able to give to our special offerings as they come around each year. For example, each year during Christmas-time we encourage everyone in our congregation to consider giving to our Endowment for Children in Poverty Overseas, you will be able to give to this special offering through PushPay as well.