Revive the World...

As our faith matures, our definition of neighbor expands. We become sensitized to the places in this world that need to be redeemed. We believe that as we are brought to new life by experiencing God’s love and developing relationships we can bring that new life to a world in need. We revive the world at Christ Church through a variety of service opportunities within our church and throughout our community and world.

Our primary focus for reviving the world is through our work with children, specifically those in education.

...At Christ Church

There are many ways that you can serve the immediate community at Christ Church. These opportunities help others experience God's love each week in our worship services or through other ministries in our congregation.


With our Hand Bell Choir, Chancel Choir and Praise band, your musical talents (or lackthereof--we'll help you learn!) help others worship God. The Hand Bell Choir and Chancel Choirs provide music for the Traditional service at 9:00 AM on Sundays, and our Praise Band provides music at the 10:30 AM Modern Service on Sunday.

Hospitality & Care

Provide coffee and cookies for fellowship time between Sunday services (9:15-9:30 AM & 10:30-10:45 AM) in Fellowship Hall.

This coffee & cookie fellowship transforms to coffee, punch & popcorn between Memorial Day & Labor Day.

Lifeboat Ministries

Lifeboat Ministers are available to assist those in need of companionship, a shoulder to lean on or a hand to help. With the love of Christ our efforts reach out to others so they, too, will feel His love.

Contact the church office to get in touch with Lifeboat today!

Mighty Methodist Moving Men

When a church family member moves we often times get together to help them. If you are ready to do some hard, physical labor for a friend, let us know and we will call when we need your help. Remember, the more the better. This ministry is led by our United Methodist Men's group.

Children & Students

Connect | Teens

Throughout the year, our youth participate in several service activities to revive the world. These activities are designed specifically for Junior High and High School students to serve Christ Church’s mission to Revive the World.

Connect | Teens is an opportunity for adults to serve the rising generation to be the 'now' of the church.

Connect | Kids

Children can help revive the world through service during their Connect | Kids programming at each class. Kids have put together cards for our missionaries in Haiti, adopted a child in Haiti, made suncatchers for our hospital-visitation team and much, much more.

Parents can find more information at our Connect | Kids page available here.

...In the Community

Davenport Elementary School Partnerships

Christ Church has been working hard to revive the world through partnering with the Buchanan Elementary to help the many who live closest us. Ask about ways that you can jump into the effort to show love and/or share His words of love to kids.

In addition to Buchanan Elementary, Christ Church also provides support to other elemenary schools in the Davenport Community School District.

To volunteer with projects for the Davenport Community School District, each volunteer must complete a Volunteer Screenign process with the school district. Contact the church office to get started.

Vacation Bible School

Annually our Connect | Kids Children’s Ministry hosts a week-long outreach event called Vacation Bible School. The week includes a large group experience for kids (Age 5 - Grade 5) during an opening and closing session.

You can help by teaching a lesson, hosting crafts or leading activities. Another way you can support VBS is through providing supplies needed. This is a great way to make a lasting imact in the lives of children.

We'll wrap up the week with a neighborhood block party where we'll have kids activites (some examples include face-painting, bounce houses, crafts) and food (like hotdogs, snow cones & more!).

...Other Ways to Revive the World in the Quad Cities

There are a number of other ways that you can revive the world in the Quad Cities. Typically centering around helping children, you can help serve in these ministries:

  • Friendly House Food Pantry
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringer
  • Churches United Share-A-Meal
  • Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Kids Against Hunger

...Across The Globe

Service Missions in Haiti

Christ Church sends missionaries to Haiti at least twice a year to Revive the World through service. Our missions include building relationships, pouring love into the Haitian people, especially children, and labor work such as building churches, homes and more. You can also learn how to support their mission on our Haiti page.

Click here to join the Facebook group where our Haiti Missions Team will be updating us about their trips.

Kids Against Hunger

Christ Church helps this organization by hosting food-packaging events at our church to make meals for children in poverty in the United States and overseas.