A Special Partnership

Courage… our Kid Start theme for June. We learned about Courageous Disciples, Courageous Esther, Courageous Friends, and Courageous Daniel.

It was a big month as a courageous little one moved up from the nursery to Kid Start; it was so special to watch his big brother show him the ropes in the classroom. I saw courage off Christ Church campus too. On June 16th, I left the comfort of rooms 203 & 204 and headed to Fairmount Pines. I went to share the lesson of Courageous Esther.

We had 15 courageous kiddos join me for a morning of learning and crafts! We made some sweet masks and crowns. We played a little game of “Find Jesus” where we hid a cross and someone had to find it. We finished the morning with a special picnic.

The partnership Christ Church has with Fairmount Pines is so special! Walking into the community room, I saw bookshelves that were donated by Christ Church so the kids could have a community library. Dozens of books line the shelves, books that we collected during our November “Just One Thing”. I saw the growing tomatoes from the Community Garden we helped plant a few weeks ago.

The most special to witness though, was Chelsea Hamerlinck, (AKA Ms. Chelsea) our very own Christ Church member, teaching her students all while sharing God’s love with her patience and kindness.

It’s always so funny how God’s plan is so much better than our own. I went to Fairmount Pines to teach a lesson and ended up seeing what a special partnership Christ Church has. I am so grateful for your constant commitment to our children both inside our church and at our partners!

Endeavor Worship Band

Do you know a student musician? Maybe you are a student musician. The Endeavor Band at Christ Church may be a great fit for you. Our Endeavor Band is the band that plays at our Endeavor Student Ministry every week. The band is made up of 6th-12th graders that play or sing while leading our student ministry in worship.

The instruments that we are currently utilizing are guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals. We do a wide variety of worship music. Some songs you will recognize from Modern Worship and some songs are primarily used at Endeavor.

Summer is a great time to join the Endeavor Band. It is a low key, low pressure time. If you are interested, please contact Ryan Sloan today!

Ryan Sloan:

Office: 563.391.5488 x 231

Email: ryans@christchurchdavenport.org

New! New Parent Room!

This month we launched a new ministry for our families, the New Parent Room!

Our New Parent Room is located next to the restrooms off of the Fellowship Hall. Originally the church office, and most recently Endeavor’s lounge area, the intention of the New Parent Room is to offer a space for parents to connect with their children.

Parents, this room is for you and comes equipped with a changing table and glider. In addition, for nursing privacy, there are cordless blinds that simply pull down. Our goal is to make sure the spaces we have are utilized in ways that meet your needs. Please, don’t hesitate to use this room to change your child, feed (nurse) your child, or to calm a meltdown.

In addition to serving parents, the room doubles as a space for older elementary kids to play board games or do crafts on Wednesday evenings while their parent(s) attends small group.

2016 Review & 2017 Challenge

2016 was a great year for Christ Church, and I wanted to close out 2016 by sharing some of the “numbers” surrounding our year!

In worship, we added people to both of our worship services ending with an additional 30 people (on average) here on Sunday mornings. That’s a whopping 14% increase!

In 2016, we had a total of 168 people participate in small group studies. That’s 77% of our weekend worship attendance! We also added three new small groups in 2016 and are excited that we will be starting a brand new group focused on college-age students as we kick off our new study in February.

Looking at reviving the world through service, we increased our overall participation, new people got involved in service outside of our church and we tried out some brand new ministries, including a Food Pantry at Buchanan Elementary school.

The last year was amazing for Christ Church, I believe that is because as a congregation, we took ownership of each thing happening at our church. I believe it is because each one of you took the time to invite new people into worship, new people into your small group and new people to come alongside you and worship.

Can I challenge you for 2017? Let’s continue to take ownership of our church and the people within it. Let’s make it each of our individual responsibility to each lead one person through the discipleship process. We can greatly impact the Kingdom of God if we all do our part and everyone lead one.

Growth & Tech Needs

Christ Church is growing!

We can see it everywhere. We are adding worship services, small groups are rising, and we are reviving the world on a weekly basis through service. Regardless of how long you have been at Christ Church, if you are looking for opportunities to serve, we offer many ways that you can further the kingdom of God. I would like to make a case for one way you can become involved.

Our Tech Team is a growing ministry. Here at Christ Church we have volunteers that run live sound, those that operate media programs, operate and program house lighting, and shoot live video. We also video edit and audio edit sermons for our website and app during the week. As you can see there are lots of ways to get involved.

I realize that tech ministry isn’t the type of ministry that everyone would enjoy, but I am sure that there are many of you that would enjoy this side of ministry. Do you enjoy computers? Do you enjoy video or even photography? Do you like to be challenged and learn new things? If you said yes to some or all of these, our Tech Team may be a great fit for you! Please contact me at ryans@christchurchdavenport.org or 563.391.5488 ext. 231.

I look forward to welcoming you to the team.