Summer Games University

Hello new friends at Christ Church! Even though Pastor James and I have officially been at Christ Church since July 1st with SGU Staff Training and Camp plus a few days in Tennessee, it seems like we are just getting settled into a routine.

This year’s Summer Games University (SGU Camp) was a fantastic five days of huddle times, games and heartfelt worship. Christ Church had 46 campers, 14 huddle leaders and six adult volunteers that were a part of SGU Camp. We want to thank this church for the wonderful support you continue to give to this meaningful experience. Through your generosity, over $7,000 in camperships provided an opportunity for young people to experience SGU Camp that otherwise would not have been able, including 12 students from Fairmount Pines apartment complex.

The Holy Spirit was alive and working through SGU Camp. Students were focused on Christ and how they can “Breakaway” from the things that are getting in the way of their relationship with Jesus. For those who were out of town for Camp Sunday (July 16), find the video from Camp Sunday under “Videos” in our app or online at

I can’t wait to get to know these teenagers over this next school year. I can tell that Christ church has some awesome youth just from the little bit that I have been around them at SGU and a couple of Endeavor nights.

~Pastor Helen

Sanctuary Bells

The Christ Church hand bell choir was started by Bernita Bell 40 years ago. Several current ringers are charter members of the ensemble. In the beginning, the group rang with just 3 octaves of bells. Since then we have expanded to 4 octaves of Schulmerich bells and hand chimes. We have a healthy roster of 17 ringers, including some able-bodied subs who fill in when the snow birds and travelers are out of town.

On August 20, we will be holding our 11th annual "Handbell Camp". If anyone has a strong music background in piano, choir, band or orchestra, and is interested in checking us out, please contact me.

What an exciting season the bell choir has ahead in 2017-2018! First of all, we have a new name to appropriately identify the group - Christ Church Sanctuary Bells.

We will continue to appear at the 9:30 services on a monthly basis, usually in the second half of the month. This year we are going to be mixing some songs from past years with several new tunes.

(Author: Jim Bawden)

Christ the Common Bond

Helen and I have been pastors at Christ Church for one month now. In one month, we have met many new faces. We continue to work at putting names with those faces, but each face has been very welcoming to us. We have enjoyed your smiles and each of you sharing a little of your story with us to help us connect. We look forward to continue to get to know each of you.

In one month, we have seen great passion for ministry and reviving the world. I had a wonderful experience with the Saturday Morning Men’s Group. We have met some of the kids from Fairmount Pines at Endeavor, Summer Games University, and Elementary camp. We have been praying for the first Mission Team sent to Haiti with us here and are looking forward to hearing all about what God did on their trip. We anticipate hearing and seeing more as we move into the fall.

We want to thank everyone for their kindness and patience in the midst of this transition. We feel like we want to learn everything quickly, but we also feel that we do not need to hurry because we will have plenty of time to be in ministry with you all here at Christ Church.

We have found that Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:20 are so true. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Everywhere that we have gathered with others we have felt the presence of our savior with us. Christ is the common bond between all those who believe.

Thank you for welcoming us to this new home for serving together.

Pastor James

A Special Partnership

Courage… our Kid Start theme for June. We learned about Courageous Disciples, Courageous Esther, Courageous Friends, and Courageous Daniel.

It was a big month as a courageous little one moved up from the nursery to Kid Start; it was so special to watch his big brother show him the ropes in the classroom. I saw courage off Christ Church campus too. On June 16th, I left the comfort of rooms 203 & 204 and headed to Fairmount Pines. I went to share the lesson of Courageous Esther.

We had 15 courageous kiddos join me for a morning of learning and crafts! We made some sweet masks and crowns. We played a little game of “Find Jesus” where we hid a cross and someone had to find it. We finished the morning with a special picnic.

The partnership Christ Church has with Fairmount Pines is so special! Walking into the community room, I saw bookshelves that were donated by Christ Church so the kids could have a community library. Dozens of books line the shelves, books that we collected during our November “Just One Thing”. I saw the growing tomatoes from the Community Garden we helped plant a few weeks ago.

The most special to witness though, was Chelsea Hamerlinck, (AKA Ms. Chelsea) our very own Christ Church member, teaching her students all while sharing God’s love with her patience and kindness.

It’s always so funny how God’s plan is so much better than our own. I went to Fairmount Pines to teach a lesson and ended up seeing what a special partnership Christ Church has. I am so grateful for your constant commitment to our children both inside our church and at our partners!

Endeavor Worship Band

Do you know a student musician? Maybe you are a student musician. The Endeavor Band at Christ Church may be a great fit for you. Our Endeavor Band is the band that plays at our Endeavor Student Ministry every week. The band is made up of 6th-12th graders that play or sing while leading our student ministry in worship.

The instruments that we are currently utilizing are guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals. We do a wide variety of worship music. Some songs you will recognize from Modern Worship and some songs are primarily used at Endeavor.

Summer is a great time to join the Endeavor Band. It is a low key, low pressure time. If you are interested, please contact Ryan Sloan today!

Ryan Sloan:

Office: 563.391.5488 x 231