Reflections: Monroe Reading Partners May 2013

Ken and Diana Spranger, of The West-End Initiative, are so committed to the children in poverty from the southwest side of Davenport that are they are moving to the area to better immerse themselves in the neighborhood.

For years they have been providing meals for the children of Monroe Elementary School and the leadership at Monroe has embraced Ken and Diana with open arms. I was privileged to be a part of early meetings with the school administration and The West-End Initiative's leadership team to form the Reading Partnership Program for the children of the school.

It is simple really: donations help the volunteers provide a meal for the children and their family members, then volunteers donate time and love, pair up with children, and practice reading on Thursday evenings (now afternoons).

The ministry to this community continues on Saturday mornings with a program that includes lunch. Several servants from Christ Church help The West-End Initiative and greatly enjoy it. May these pictures inspire you to consider a ministry with children in poverty.