Good News Family Night (November, 2013)

Christ Church invited families from Buchanan Elementary School to come watched a movie with us for our first Good News Family Night. The movie, The Lost Medallion, reminded us all that God loves us just the way we are.


It is hard for people who don’t know each other to open up their lives and make room for new relationships. The good news is that three families who have students at Buchanan and a good showing of families from our congregation made the effort!

One gracious lady brought candy bars to pass out to the children. What is a movie without candy, drinks and popcorn served by a small group of disciples volunteering. Then there was a delicious punch provided by another hospitable lady. Pastor Mike was every kid’s favorite adult friend as he allowed the children to hang all over him as he walked about before the start of the show.


Even the leadership at Buchanan Elementary School believe our efforts to develop relationships is worthwhile and they supported it considerably. The school administration let us send fliers home with the children and provided all the popcorn for the event!

Twenty-five families received a Thanksgiving meal from our church this same weekend. Some came to the Good News Family Night and others picked theirs up at the school Monday. Let’s give thanks for the privilege to open up our lives and spread God’s love through developing new relationships.

Below is a gallery of several pictures from the Good News Family Night.