Kids Against Hunger, November 2013

Last year, Endeavor hosted Kids Against Hunger on a Wednesday evening. The students really enjoyed packing the 1,400 meals and they had a lot of fun competing with each other. Little did I know how much they would like the event. Over the past year, I’ve been asked by the students dozens of times to be able to host another Kids Against Hunger event.

This year, students were able to participate in two Kids Against Hunger events. The first one was at St. John’s The Center where several churches and groups participated together. The most recent was the first week of November. The students participated boys versus girls and had a great time competing for accuracy and speed. While the boys and girls each separately maintain that they were the fastest and most accurate, they learned that they each can play a part in reviving the world one meal at a time.

The Kids Against Hunger program provides meals to children in need in our community, the United States and in developing countries. Our students realized that they can be part of serving, that service is hard work, and that it is fun. (And they’re already asking whey they can have Kids Against Hunger back again.)