Helping that Heals the Heart

I have been in a small group for over a year, and I joined about the same time as Larry and Bonnie Anderson. I was extremely privileged to experience Larry’s final moments in our group before his health had kept him from attending.

Bonnie was kind enough to share with me how Christ Church ministered to her through Larry’s illness.

“Being part of the Christ Church family enhances my life in so many ways. It gives me an opportunity to participate in ministry groups such as Chancel Choir and Hand Bell Choir where I am able to praise, worship and serve God through music. “My small group Bible study, Sunday discipleship class, and Heart Sisters are wonderful groups for developing my relationships with God and with others. They also offer opportunities for me to be of service to others. “But, the major enhancement to my life has come from all the prayers, support, and love over the past three years during Larry’s illness, and my own. Meals, rides to Iowa City and dialysis for Larry, phone calls, cards, help packing, sorting, removing tree limbs... All these have been so encouraging and strengthening. “I feel truly blessed to be part of the Christ Church family. And I believe my life is richer because of all the wonderful relationships I have at Christ Church.”

Watching Bonnie’s trust in God, especially during her trials with Larry’s health and her own, was an example of faith that I will be forever grateful for. I am thankful for leaders such as Bonnie, who we can all turn to for example.