Spreading Love to Haiti

by Julie Kremer

Our second full day in Haiti brought us to an orphanage. Along with presenting a personalized gift bag for each orphan (prepared by our youth group), Lynn Lundberg shared a bible story with them, we played games and painted the girls fingernails. Some time passed and we realized that there was plenty of time to give pedicures as well. Obviously, in order to give a proper pedicure, we needed to wash their feet. One of the little girls helped me to find a wet washcloth and we were underway. As I began washing their feet, I remembered John 13. If we are to follow the example of Jesus, there will be times we are taking on the role of a slave or servant just as He did when washing the disciple’s feet. This experience was humbling and yet I felt proud to be chosen for it.

There seems to be a lot of talk about social justice lately. Jesus’ desire to serve and the people He chose are a great example of that. God assures us that the validity of all worship and service will ultimately be judged by how it affects widows, orphans and strangers (James 1:27) I hope, at least in some small way, these orphans realize they are all children of God, created in His image, deserving of grace and dignity. As this is realized, Haitians will be blessed in what they do and continue to make a better future for themselves in Haiti and in God’s kingdom.

As our time at the orphanage was nearly over, I took this photo. Maybe acts of service are contagious?