Reflections: January 2012 Share-A-Meal

I first helped with the Share-A-Meal ministry in January, 2012. It seemed like it would be easy enough, make a meal and share it.

The first lesson was that I actually do not get to share in the eating of the meal--which for me, was a major disappointment. The second lesson was that the meal was awesome: sliced ham, salloped potatoes, green beans, bread & butter, cake and milk. This amazing meal was made to serve 80-100 people, meaning it is no small feat to prepare.

The Share-A-Meal team starts preparing meals on Sunday to prepare for Monday's service. On Monday evening, the team cooks even more food so that it is fresh and they load up cars with food to take to the Salvation Army Family Center. Once at the center, they unload all of the food, set up a food tine, pray with the people present, and serve the food to hungry families.

For me, it was simple and satisfying, even without eating a single bite.

This ministry continues at Christ Church six times a year.

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