Reflections: July 2012 Habitat for Humanity

I'm not much of a builder. Honestly, I am not one for manual labor. I've come to realize with sadness that much of what is behind that statement is pride.

It is easy to say that your gifts and expertise are in other areas; however, the truth is that with the right attitude anyone can carry wood, use a shovel, sweep up trash, pound a nail, or spot someone else on a ladder.

I look back on when I took these pictures and I really don't remember doing much else that day. I don't think they even let me pound too many nails! Others knew exactly where the boards should go to make the roof and others used their talents to make food for those working at the build site.

Now that I reflect on this help for Habitat for Humanity build, I conclude that it is safer and easier to remain in one's "habitat"; however, it is truly showing the best of "humanity" to lend a helping hand. I'm glad I did and I am glad many others helped out, too!