Reflections: September 2012 Walk for Life

This blog is from Tracie here at Christ Church. She walked in Pregnancy Resources annual "Walk for Life" last year in September, 2012. Pregnancy Resources is gearing up for another Walk for Life this September. You can check it out at:

“Walking is something I know I should do regularly for the physical, emotional, mental, and psychological benefits. Yet sadly, I seldom go for a walk. I think I know why most people don't walk, if they are even a little like me.

“Aside from being truly busy and desiring my down time to be filled with rest and entertainment rather than what seems like work, it occurs to me that when I have walked regularly and enjoyed do so the most, it was when I was walking with someone else. You see, the social benefit of walking is something you don't get unless you walk with someone else. I would love to find a faithful walking buddy who would commit to walk with me regularly and help hold me accountable to walking often. When I have found someone willing to do so in the past it seemed that before too long, the accountability was not the primary reason we continued walking. It was the social benefit. Our walk extended from a basic benefit to the body to bountiful benefits for our lives as our lives began to come together.

“Perhaps that is why God calls our life a "walk." In God's Word we are told to walk in truth, obedience, love, order, and light; walk by the Spirit and by faith; and, walk in the newness of life, in respect of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. All of this involves and is empowered within us by our social connection with God - more often called our spiritual connection. Jesus said apart from Him we can do nothing.

“A couple of my favorite thoughts from the Bible are about Adam and Eve walking in the Garden of Eden with God's physical Presence and later Enoch walking so closely with God in his life, that one day God and Enoch just walk home to God's heavenly house instead of Enoch's. Both will happen for me someday, I believe. But for now may we all walk with God and benefit from closeness with Him as He reveals His presence to us and may I find a new walking buddy to join God and me when we are just walking to be healthy!”

Walk for LIfe

Walk for LIfe