Reflections: September 2012 Outdoor Classroom @ Jefferson-Edison

Today, I’m thinking about one word: Connections.

Dave Broadie, a teacher at Jefferson-Edison Elementary and member of Christ Church connects me to Principal Christy Pitts, who tells me how Christ Church could help the many children in poverty of her school.

"We would really use an outdoor classroom and hope to have one someday,” Christy says. I was inspired, “Someday? Hey, there is no time like the present!”

God had connected me to Keith Waterman from Christ Church when I needed someone to build me a fence and gate. God puts him on my heart.

A phone call later we are making plans. Keith connected with Roger Hall, another member at church for help, and Keith and I connected at Menards to get supplies. Even that was made possible by the connection of Christian men and women of the United Methodist Men's & Women's ministries of our congregation who provided the funds for the feat. One final connection to the maintenance man at the school and the project was off and running.

What started as an idea God made into a reality that sparks the hearts and minds of hundreds of children every school day as they engage outdoors in God's creation to learn and grow. How? Connections. Electrical excitement connects everywhere in my body when I see God do things like this. It was great to be in the midst of it. It is even greater to watch God do this very same thing again with additional servants from Christ Church at Fillmore and Buchanan Elementary.

How is God connecting you to accomplish great things for others with Him?