The Bond of Cookies

Over the past year, students are taking more responsibility for their faith than ever before and are active in the discipleship process. Students are more active than ever in engaging with the congregation.

At the Modern worship service, you will see the front row filled with teenagers worshiping together. Students are helping with discipleship classes. The leadership team has even put together a plan to get more involved with weekend services, including adopting the cookie & coffee fellowship time for December.

Baking together helped them bond. Each student took a different role in the baking, some cut out cookies, others put them on cookie sheets, one watched the oven and others removed cookies and bagged them.

When the students first started, some of them thought their jobs were not important. However, the students quickly realized how integral each part of the process was in order to ensure that cookies were in the freezer and ready for Sunday mornings. Their bonds grew as they learned how to best communicate with the next person in line. The bonds that grew deeper while baking cookies will propel the students forward into 2014.

The bonds will help take ownership in their discipleship process as a team.