April Buske // Youth Director // REVIVE THE WORLD

In August, during back-to-school week for Davenport students, we held an evening of prayer, reflection and simply asking God where he wants to take us as individuals and where He wants Endeavor to go as a whole. The students moved from station to station and were challenged to ask God who they should invite to church and Endeavor, chart our their relationship with God and ask God what skills they can use for the future. The stations also asked them to do things out of their comfort zone like praying for or with someone and drawing images to capture the vision and direction God is giving them for this year.

The evening was soaked with prayer, worship, candlelight, scripture and conversations with God. After our time in prayer and worship, we moved into small groups and talked about how God used that time. Students spoke up about how God was working in them to invite friends to Endeavor and/or church, and tell their brothers and sisters about Jesus.