Why I Decided to Go to Haiti

Frank Klipsch // Parishioner // Revive the World

Like many of us at Christ Church, I had heard a lot about Haiti and The Joseph School. I listened to fellow church members who had gone to Haiti and come back to report how impactful their trip had been for them; and how meeting the Haitian kids and families they encountered had been so meaningful. Throughout my forty-two year YMCA career, I have heard and experienced many examples of individuals who reached out to others in need; and felt blessed and personally impacted.

So why Haiti!?! Why Haiti, Why Me and Why Now? It was truly “A God Thing”. My wonderful and loving Christian wife, Terre, had been called and wanted to go to Haiti from the first presentation; however she has been physically unable to make the trip. While at the same time, even though I knew there was a great need in Haiti, I found myself questioning the emphasis that Christ Church was putting on the Haiti Mission.  

Through prayer and the Holy Spirit, I was convicted to make the trip representing both Terre and me, meet and talk with the Haitian people, see and learn about The Joseph School, and to learn firsthand relevance and importance of the Haiti Mission Initiative. I am blessed and honored to report that Christ Church needs to be in Haiti.

I learned that the hard working Haitian people are not looking for a handout but a hand-up. I experienced a Christian environment that closely represents the original Christian life with Jesus and His early followers. I was deeply moved when one of our young interpreters was asked if Haitians get to the point of hopelessness and he responded, “No. We just get up each day with the help of God and do the best that we can for our children and our families.” He then added, “Just like you do in the United States, you just have more resources.” Wow, that nailed it for me. That young interpreter helped to answer all of my questions by inspiring me to realize that we have the time, talent, and treasure that is needed in Haiti. We are God’s hands and feet here on earth and they are needed in Haiti. The Haitian people want and need to know that their Christian sisters and brothers in Davenport, Iowa, care about them.

I needed Haiti to better experience God and strengthen my relationship with Him. I realize that I truly got more from my trip to Haiti than I was ever able to give. Wow! I am really glad I decided to go! I am glad I listened to God and, of course, to Terre.