God's Blessings for Long Partnerships

As we prepared for sending another team to Haiti in March to support The Joseph School, let this story from Dick & Maribeth Nelson serve as a reminder that God is all about long lives lived with vision and mission that outlive us. He is also blesses the courage of stepping out in faith even if it seems foolish to others! --Jon

“We have seen the Lord working in our lives. We were married in Christian homes. Our parents lived long lives. Our mothers just went to be with the Lord in the last two years, one 95 years old and one less than one month from her 99th birthday. “We moved to many places during our fifty-four years together. Each place we found a church family. Denomination was not our emphasis, instead we listened for Bible centered preaching and looked for Christ-centered friends. In 1994, Dick felt God calling him to start our own business and as foolish as it sounded to friends and family we quit our jobs and went out searching for what to do. We started Nelson Mobile X-Ray and that brought us to Davenport, Iowa. “God blessed that business for ten years and we sold it in 2004. We have been at Christ Church longer than any church in our 54 years together. Dick and I are excited about The Joseph School, its beginning, and where it is going. We realize this mission may take a long time to become what God intends, but we feel He is in control and wants willing people to come along and support it. We continue to feel the Lord working in our lives as we support Christ Church and The Joseph School’s partnership”

Dick & Maribeth Nelson