Kid Start Eyewitnesses

Andy and I have been working with the children in the Kid Start program for a year now. We saw it as an opportunity to serve the Lord and to get to know other children within our congregation. It has truly been a great experience!

Andy is by far the “fun one” and usually brings a game to start off the morning. He never lets the children down for their fun time. It can be a simple game of balloon volleyball or hockey with newspaper sticks, all of the children participate, cheering each other on with a smile. As the lesson is taught by Jon, we ensure everyone is paying attention. Then we break into groups for snacks and questions.

I have worked in small groups with all ages and I am always amazed at the information these children have gathered in their short years. This opportunity comes just once a month and we appreciate that flexibility. It has proven to be worthwhile as we get a glimpse of what God is doing for these children. We are blessed to be a eyewitnesses to His grace in action!

Kerri Tompkins