50 Years Friendly

by Ron & Margie Rees

We first visited Christ Church in the spring of 1976. We had been recently married and just moved into our home in rural Blue Grass. We were seeking a church to attend when we came to Christ Church. We found that all the people were much friendlier than at the other churches we had visited.

The whole church at that time is now the section we call Fellowship Hall area. We have experienced a different spiritual message from each of the pastors here, as their unique personalities lead us to become closer to our Lord Jesus. Christ Church has rewarded us with many opportunities to spiritually grow in addition to the worship services.

We have regularly attended adult discipleship classes and studied in small groups a large variety of the books and the people in the Bible. We have been involved with many different groups that have led us to meet new people and develop great friendships. This is what makes Christ Church so special.

As Christ Church has grown and expanded to multiple worship services, we have attended each of them and enjoy worshiping with new people and different friends from each service. As Christ Church plans to celebrate its 50 year anniversary in 2015 we as church members must purpose in our hearts and minds to continue making it the friendliest church around, one that will inspire new people to worship our Lord with us for another 50 years.