From Saudia Arabia to Christ Church

by Rick Koerner, Parishioner

I visited Christ Church years ago, a single man searching for a church home. I found a welcoming church family and joined. I have served on many committees: Trustees, Finance, Staff-Parish, Church Council Chair, etc.

I had growing love for being able to praise God through singing in the Chancel Choir. With instruction I even got to where I could read the bass clef and sing on the right note... most of the time! Many wonderful people became friends and family for me. I have appreciated my small group to grow in my faith and socialize. This has helped me to do things I might not have done by myself such as participate in outreach to others from serving at the shelter to ringing bells at Christmas, baking cookies to supporting missionaries, and helping those who are needy.

In August 2012, God started telling me that I needed to change something in my life and I accepted a 30 month position in Saudi Arabia, working for Alcoa. I miss my small group terribly since I have been working overseas. Living in a Muslim country is an adjustment. I miss those who remain back in Iowa.

Every time I come home I try to see as many small group members as possible and catch up on what is happening in their lives. Their prayers and support definitely made a difference for me during my first months overseas. I take advantage church sermons online and appreciate this ministry greatly. Christ Church is an important part of my life even in Saudi Arabia! You are all a part of my family!