No Doubt

by Terre Klipsch, Parishioner

My family and friends ask me occasionally, why do I have no doubt? My answer: I have been courted by God! He sought me even when I was not seeking Him.

After 45 years of my life, I began seeing His manifestations in my life. I had doubts then. After an amazing physical healing over the phone with an amazing woman of God, I realized that He did the healing so I could turn around my life and live according to His plan.

I have NO DOUBT that God is my God and He will continue to use me to glorify His name and be a flame that reflects His Son. I have learned to step back and see others the way God sees us. I never know what folks are thinking or what they’ve been through so I pray for God’s will for all.

Prayer is how I know, experience and share agape love. At Christ Church we do what we can to spread the Good News and I believe we love each other no matter what. Still, I want to be a part of a bigger community that believes in prayer and healing.

I enjoy the camaraderie of others as we try to reach the world through His Love because His Love always wins. Praying for others is one of my many God given purposes to share His Love with others.

I know God hears my prayers and answers each one in His way and time. I am frequently overwhelmed with compassion and mercy from God as I pray for others