Supportive Faith & Families

by Jim Bawden, Handbell Choir Director

In 1976 Susan and I joined Christ Church. Several of the members were educators in the Davenport school system where I worked. Two of the members even came to our apartment to invite us to join them!

From early on, we participated in small group studies and involved our two daughters in the kids’ programs. Jesus has supported me at every fork in the road, including choice of career, meeting my wife, building our house, raising two wonderful daughters and having forty rewarding years as an educator. Sharing our needs and concerns with others in a small group setting and discovering that others have much to share with us were of great benefit along that journey.

In our first small groups, we were young married adults with children or about to have children. Most others in the group were in apartments or first homes and some had college debt while establishing their careers. Later we had groups assigned by the church according to the neighborhoods in which we lived. Christ Church is a second family for me in many respects. There are so many opportunities to do things with others beyond the worship service.

I especially appreciate the support we provide each other in times of need and celebration. I have developed a loving relationship with God as well as a high level of trust in Him thanks in part to Christ Church. I realize that He has always been with me and has never let me down. He always keeps His promises while knowing what is best for me. The more one is open to God’s Word the greater one’s life is enhanced; ultimately the more one can in turn accomplish for others.