Christ Church Appreciates Buchanan Teachers

Sharon Pinnick // Parishioner // Revive the World

A cover begins a book, and the back ends it. In between the cover and the back, there are many adventures and experiences. So is the life of a teacher. I began my teaching career in 1967 and concluded in 2003. One of those experiences I always looked forward to was Teacher Appreciation Week.

I treasured the thank-you notes from my students and their parents. The P.T.A. (Parent-Teacher Association) luncheon for us was delicious.

However, this year I had a new experience. Along with four other ladies from Christ Church, I helped serve Buchanan’s Staff Appreciation Luncheon. This time I was able to see the smiles on hard working educators as they enjoyed the yummy food prepared for them. This 30 minutes was special, they could just relax, eat, share thoughts with co-workers and listen to soothing music.

Because I have been in their shoes, I know how much they really enjoyed this special luncheon. I am so glad I was a part of it. If you did not have time to thank a teacher yet this month, please let one know how much they are appreciated. After all, they work with our most prized possessions—our children!