Teaching God Helped Deepen My Relationship with God

Susan Bawden // Parishioner // KIDSTART

My house was good, loving and kind, but pretty legalistic. You had to follow certain guidelines to be considered good. Although I heard the Truth every Sunday, I made the Truth conform into my needing to be good enough. Then, I looked around to see if others were good enough, too. In college I saw myself as the good girl, even though I was not perfect by any means.

Christ Church seemed to embody the same ideas about God and the Bible that Jim and I had. When our two children came to be, they began to attend Sunday School and I helped with small children for several years. Learning from the sermon, then learning from the Sunday school stories I told to the children was great fun. I love telling stories from the Bible.

I taught five and six year olds. I received a different perspective of the Bible from that experience, all the while deepening my relationship with God. It finally got through to me, that it was Jesus ‘work that saves, not how good I am! Through experiences like those I have changed my reasoning ability toward a more Bible based way of looking at things. Studying for teaching classes and then trying to relate what was studied to a different age group was very valuable. I know that none of us is good enough but Jesus is! I rejoice that I am still learning this.