When St. Francis of Assissi was a young man, he partied hard and was good at not growing up. Over a period of time, God turned him around and, in a moment of prayer, told Francis to “repair my Church!” Francis gathered stones and began to repair the physical structure. People began to follow him and, by focusing on the positive of the Church and showing intense love, the Church’s structures and sense of mission were repaired, which of course was God’s calling in the first place!

Christ Church is celebrating this year. God has blessed us in many ways for 50 years. 50 years ago right now, a pastor was being selected and a vision cast for a church to serve Northwest Davenport. For 48 years, we have been in this location and our building needs some updates to position us for the future. Make no mistake, though: the call of God is to enliven this congregation and, by our example, to reinvigorate United Methodism in the county, the District, and the state! This 50th anniversary celebration and the capital fund drives are not ends in themselves, but springboards into the future as this congregation continues to make disciples.

Let’s commit ourselves now, not only to fix up the building, not only to celebrate the past, but to create a future where new people will become world-changing disciples through the experience of God’s love in worship, developing relationships in small groups and reviving the world through service. Thank you for your commitment and faithfulness.

~Pastor Mike