Where's the Baby?

You may notice in the nativity picture below, there’s an important individual who is missing from the scene. While baby Jesus may not have arrived quite yet, the Kid Start kids know that He is on the way!

Each week during Advent the kids have been adding a new figure to our nativity scene as we learn their story about hearing the Good News of Christ’s coming. Starting with Mary, then Joseph, just this last week we added the shepherd and sheep to the stable. The kids know it’s almost time to add that special baby boy. This coming week as we add the baby to the manger, we’ll be celebrating His birth with a birthday party for Jesus. Not only have we been preparing to celebrate Christ’s coming in that way, the kids have been able to do a variety of craft and game activities that tie-in with the lesson. From stained-glass nativity scenes (pictured below) to herding balloons like they’re sheep, there’s many fun ways for even the young ones to participate in the Advent season!

The last part of our Christmas preparation has included the Advent wreath. Each week the kids have been coloring a candle on their wreaths as we work our way to the “Jesus” candle. We’ve learned about what each candle means and how that applies to our own lives.

It’s fun to prepare the way for Christ with the kids during the Advent season. As one child proclaimed “I can’t believe Jesus is born every year!” Although I couldn’t help to chuckle at the time, in a way He is so right. Although Christ may not be physically born each Christmas as he was so many years ago, He can sure be reborn in our hearts each Christmas!