Placing New Group Members

Before the start of any small group study that follows a sermon series, we make many announcements to those that are in our services. These announcements encourage and invite those that are not currently in a small group to dip their big-toe in and see if a small group is right for them. I’ll get to numbers in a moment, but we have a very strong, vibrant small group ministry. Because we have so many people placed in small groups, there are many studies that go by without having the opportunity to place people in groups.

Leading up to our 1 Samuel study, “Security”, we had the opportunity to place SIX members in new small groups. These new members are ready to dip their big-toe into the waters of small groups and are jumping in with both feet. Having this many people to place is really exciting for us and shows how our church has begun to prepare to grow and take action. So, as I get ready to share small group numbers, please note that these numbers only tell a part of the story. The numbers don’t necessarily tell the story of how lives are changing, but they can show how many lives we are reaching!

We have 28 leaders leading 15 small groups. Currently, those small groups are home to 156 different people studying the Bible and developing relationships together. That means nearly 70% of our church adults are taking part in this step of our discipleship process!

Of these newly placed people, some are brand new to our church and others aren’t, however in both cases we should celebrate that they are taking part in such an amazing, life-changing ministry. If you are currently in a small group, thank you for participating in our mission to make disciples. If you aren’t, there’s always room for another friend in our midst!