Putting our Hands to Work: Endeavor Youth make Cards and Blankets

As the New Year has begun and the cold weather trudges on, the Endeavor youth group took some time to think about others in our community. Putting their hands to work, they made cards to be sent out through our Lifeboat Ministries group and blankets, which will be shared with Cover to Cover, a local nonprofit that distributes blankets and books to children in low-income families.

These projects, though good in and of themselves, are quite fitting with the mission of Christ Church. After all, even small projects such as these help to further the revival of the world. However, the projects also fit closely with our continued study, The Advent Conspiracy, which the youth group finished up this month.

One of the final lessons, titled “Give More”, encouraged these young students to give meaningful, relational gifts. Such giving often takes more time and energy but costs less and leaves a much greater impact!  The giving of relational gifts is a helpful practice not just during the holiday season, but all throughout the year! The handmade cards and blankets are great examples of such relational gifts, and these gifts will go to bring warmth and smiles to people in our community this winter season!