Volunteer Highlight: Student Erik Winter was called to serve after Summer Games

One of the coolest things about a church congregation is seeing the way that young and old are called to serve the Lord through various outlets. Whether it be working behind the scenes to run PowerPoint slides or right up front as the emcee for a service, it takes all of these individuals for our church to function as a whole.

One of these volunteers is a 15-year-old high school student named Erik Winter. Although young in age, he has been one of the most reliable volunteers for the Kid Start programming on Sunday mornings. You might spot him running around grabbing drinks for the children, handing out information sheets to parents, or cleaning up spills and messes. He takes on each task at hand with no complaints. Erik even came up with the idea to start a pen pal program between the Kid Start kids and Endeavor youth—pretty neat for a young guy his age.

I hope you’ll take the chance to get to know Erik if you haven’t already. But to help get you started, I asked Erik why it is he volunteers with Kid Start. Here is his response:

“I volunteer for Kid Start because of Summer Games. At Summer Games it was put to my attention to get more involved with the church. So two weeks after Summer Games I started volunteering during the traditional Service at Kid Start. When...Annie got hired I started volunteering at both Kid Starts [9:00 AM & 10:30 AM] to help her get used to the church and the students. “Another reason for me doing the Kid Start is ‘If I’m not, who else is?’. I enjoy volunteering for Kid Start. The kids are fun to watch and seeing them learn is the best. If I could say one thing to somebody about Kid Start...I would tell them to volunteer!”