Greetings (From Megan Stroops--Director of Children's Ministry)

Hello Everyone, My name is Megan Stroops and I am the new Director of Children’s Ministry at Christ Church. I am so excited to be serving in the church that I grew up in. I have been a part of the Christ Church community for 22 years. My grandparents and parents both attend this church. I was even baptized here by Pastor Tom Balm.  So to say that I’ve spent a good part of my life here is very true.

Alongside with serving here, I also work at Hand in Hand, a daycare in Bettendorf, Iowa.

I love working with children and getting to see them learn, grow, and experience new things all the time. My passion and number one goal is to share the love of Christ with the children in our church, new and old. I believe that showing them the love and grace that Christ shows us daily, is a great building block and foundation for their ever growing faith. I am excited to get to know the children, families and congregation as a whole. If you haven’t already, come introduce yourself to me. I would love to get to know you and put a name to everyone’s face.