New Point of View

The last night of my family’s 6-week European adventure, we reflected on what we had seen and talked about our re-entry into American culture. We talked about the small differences we had noticed between the cultures of the nations we had visited, such as the figures on the “Walk” signs in East Berlin wore hats. Because we were noticing such small differences, we could see things we taken as a given in our own culture.

The time I had away this summer gave me a new point of view on Christ Church, both because I had some distance from the church and because I visited 10 other churches. I was able to think about why we do what we do and what our culture is like. Ours was my favorite church I attended all summer, but I also recognize I was an unknown visitor in those churches and am family in Christ Church.

I hope you received a similar blessing this summer; I hope you’ve seen different ways of doing worship and heard different ways of preaching. I hope you’ve thought about what it’s like to be a visitor compared to what it’s like to be family. I hope you see the greatness of Christ Church and I hope you always seek ways to make it even greater.

It sure is good to be back,

Pastor Mike