SGU Junior-Children's Ministry

This past week I had the pleasure of worshipping and getting to know God alongside 53 students in grades 3-5 at Summer Games Junior. Summer Games Junior is very much a camping experience. You sleep in a cabin, make s’mores in the woods and go zip-lining through the trees. God is there through and with all of those awesome experiences.

During camp, the children got to learn a lot about being authentic. Our theme was Authenticity, so each day we were talking about and teaching ways to live our lives as authentic Christians. There was a time of outside worship and we sang the song “Beautiful Things”. For a moment I stopped singing with the campers and just listened. I was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of joy to hear all the campers singing as loud as they could praising God.

If you asked a camper what their favorite part of camp was, they each would have a different answer. If you asked me my favorite moment, I would tell you it was seeing all 53 of the campers and their huddle leaders for the week join together and take communion. 

I saw kids grow in their faith, have seeds of faith planted in their hearts and fall more in love with our Savior in those four shorts days of Summer Games Junior.