Come With me

In Europe this summer, we attended a church built to seat 1500 that now averages 50 people in worship. We also attended Wesley Chapel in London, where many races were represented in their worship leadership and had the national flags of every nation Methodism has a presence hanging from their balcony. The place was alive and the Spirit was moving. I was grateful that Christ Church is more like Wesley Chapel than the other church!

At our October Church Council meeting, we set a goal that every person in the congregation leads someone through our disciple-making process next year. At our celebration at the end of the Forward small group study, our group members discerned that it is time to invite people into what God is doing at Christ Church. Invite someone to a worship service, to your small group, and to serve with you. Of course, you can’t invite someone to a thing you don’t attend, so a side benefit of this goal is increasing our own commitment to this mission.

Therefore, I pray each of you has the opportunity this year to say, “Come with me,” to someone. Come with me to my church, come with me to my small group, come with me to Buchanan or to Haiti. As God has changed your life, invite others to be transformed through this church’s ministry.