Cookies with the Women

This month, KidStart participated with the United Methodist Women in decorating cookies. These would then be sold at the United Methodist Women’s annual cookie walk. Each child was excited to decorate their cookies, especially knowing that the money earned from their sale was going back to God.

About a month ago, we learned what it means to tithe and why we give our offerings to the church. They were very excited to know this is another way we can give back to God. The children really enjoyed knowing they would revive the world with this mission.

The children also got the chance to develop relationships by getting to know the women that came to help them decorate. The children and the women learned new names and connected them with the faces they see around church. That is something very important and special that happens when two ministries team up—you get to know people outside of just your ministry! It was great to see the United Methodist Women and the children foster relationships that can change lives on both sides.