Using Music to Experience God

What’s your favorite song? Is it a classic that reminds you of yesterday? Maybe it’s a song you just heard on the radio. Whether you love oldies or more current hits, music speaks to us in a way that nothing else can. Music stays with us. We all go throughout our day with songs in our heads. Music is very powerful.

There are many ways we can Experience God’s Love. One of my favorite ways is through music. I believe music is a gift that God has given all of us to worship Him and be in His presence.

I would like to issue a challenge to you this month. Think about the songs that you hear at Christ Church and identify which hymn or worship song is your favorite. Why do you like it so much?

We can easily experience God’s love by studying our songs content and identifying why we like it. Maybe you like to Scripture passage that the song is written from.  Maybe you like the way the choir or band sound when they sing this song. Simply, maybe you feel God’s presence when it is sung.

Remember this month: What is your favorite song at Christ Church and why you like it. You will be surprised how much God will inhabit your thoughts as you begin to consider these questions.