The Move

At the being of February, all Kid Start Sunday school classes began meeting upstairs! The kids and I were very excited for this transition to happen. I believe the children having a room to call their own will help them in their journey with Christ here at our church.

I’ve been asked, what does this move mean? Or what will be different during the hour of Sunday school? This move means that we, in the Children’s Ministry are prepared to grow. We are ready to welcome more families and more children into our ministry with a fun atmosphere that will keep them safe.

The 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM classes have similar formats, so no matter what time you come, you’ll get the same lesson and structure. Each morning we start with our prayer journals. We talk about confessions, things we are thankful for and prayers for others and ourselves. Next, we start our Bible lesson. The children find their Bibles and look up the passage we are studying. To wrap it all up, we do a craft or other activity to tie the lesson to something tangible. I believe the children working with their hands and doing activities help them remember the lesson because they enjoyed doing it!

I hope you, as a congregation, are excited about the things to come in the Children’s Ministry just as we are!