Powerful Connections

Tim Duncombe joined Christ Church in 2015 just before Pastor Mike took off for his renewal leave. Tim has been very active in our opportunities to revive the world including serving food at the Salvation Army shelter, playing games with kids at Buchanan and judging costume contests at Fairmount Pines.

While serving during the Fall Festival at Buchanan, Tim had the opportunity to sit down and eat dinner with Ms. Ivory, Buchanan’s principal. It was an impromptu dinner of hotdogs and chips as they both had a spare minute in their activities. They ate together and Ms. Ivory shared some of the needs that the students have at Buchanan.

It struck Tim to the core when he found out that soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste were a need at the school. Tim has a connection within the community to be able to meet these needs and was able to provide those items to the school.

Since his encounter with Ms. Ivory, Tim has been overjoyed to work with the staff at Buchanan to provide resources for the children there.

It was a simple, but powerful moment, when Tim sat down to eat dinner. Tim went to serve and play games with kids, but God had another plan—a plan to make a powerful connection between Tim and the school.

tim duncombe.png