Designed For...

Every day I’ve been at Christ Church, I’ve turned left off Pine St. to head east on Kimberly Road. Every day, for years, I’ve had to stop at the stoplight at Division St. I have never once been able to drive straight through. It regularly bothers me that I will never get those lights to line up for me.

Recently, I was driving east on Kimberly from Walmart, drove through the Pine St. light and I got the green light at Division! Suddenly, a much brighter light came on in my head. The Division St. light is synchronized for driving east on Kimberly. It is not synchronized for turning left onto Kimberly from Pine. The light at Division isn’t designed for me.

If all those street directions got you lost, focus on this: I realized there is something designed for someone other than me. I thought about Sunday mornings at Christ Church. I realized that Sunday morning shouldn’t be designed for regular attenders, like me. Sunday morning is to welcome people and to introduce them to God.

Therefore I challenge you, if you are able, to park farther from the doors, maybe even on the street. I challenge you to learn the name of at least one person each month, even if you aren’t a greeter or usher. Together, let’s be sure the entry point of our church is designed for new people. You’ll be as blessed as the new person when you design it for them.

In Christ,

~Pastor Mike