Endeavor Worship

Did you know that Christ Church has a worship which is made up entirely of students? Endeavor Worship is the name of our worship team that leads music at Endeavor Youth every Wednesday evening. The worship team includes 6th-12th graders from schools all over the Quad Cities.

Our students are all very committed to Endeavor Worship. Many have jobs, sports, and other musical projects, along with this worship team. Many of our singers are in their high school’s show choir and many of our instrumentalists are involved both at school and with the River Music Experience.

On March 13, Endeavor Worship led worship in our Modern service! They did a fantastic job leading our congregation in worshiping God. It is in our plans to have them perform sometime in Traditional worship and again in Modern Worship. The students that were involved that morning include: Aiden Goerdt, Kalli Goerdt, Bree McMahon, Sean Millwood, Sam Petri, Cami Phillips, and Olivia Tobin. I look forward to the next time they get to lead us in God’s presence.