Revive the World Update

2016 has already been a great year. We’ve got a lot of first-time servants to step up and participate in reviving the world, Christ Church style. As we continue through the year, we are still striving towards our goal to have everyone in our congregation lead someone through the discipleship process.

My goal is to make that easy for you and provide lots of opportunities so that you can achieve your goal and bring someone to serve with you!

As we wrapped up the first quarter of the year, we are on pace to keep up with last year and are striving to see our revive participation exceed last year's participation! Here’s a summary of what’s happened so far in 2016:

  • 80 different people have served outside of worship services (76)
  • 10 unique opportunities to serve (7)
  • 524 hours served to revive the world (353)
    *Items in parentheses are from first quarter 2015

We’re doing amazing things with opportunities like the Easter Egg Hunt, GAP mentorship and Math Night, to name a few.

Are you serving in 2016? If not, now’s your chance. There are some great opportunities that are coming up that you can be a part of. Perhaps you’d like to serve the United Methodist Men, Women or lead children’s activities at Buchanan. All upcoming events are available at and sign-up details are listed there.

If you’re in a small group, perhaps you could sign-up to serve at one of these events together. If you’re not in a group, grab a friend and invite them to serve along side of you. I know we’re going to do exciting things in 2016, together.