Preparing for SGU Camp

Endeavor students are looking forward to Summer Games University (SGU) this summer and have spent time sharing our stories of transformation. Last year the theme for SGU was “Authenticity” and our students have been working hard to keep their faith authentic.

Throughout the year, our messages and lessons have been focused on having a real, genuine relationship with God and what that means in our everyday lives. We have been working in our small group time to dig deeper into God’s word and apply those words to our actions at home, in school, and elsewhere.

We’re also learning that an authentic relationship with God is a magnet for other people who want to find out what’s different about us. Students have been inviting their friends to Endeavor and asking them to participate in the other activities, such as mission work, that Endeavor is participating in.
Students are also working hard to encourage their friends in grades 6-12 to sign up for camp this summer so that they can have their own life-changing moments.

If you have or know a student in middle or high school, they too can experience the life-changing moments of camp. Registration for SGU is now open at and they can join the rest of Endeavor there July 11-15, 2016.