Upon returning from vacation, all my thoughts went toward planning. This fall is coming and all kinds of forward-thinking is happening in my brain. The balance of planning and executing the plan excites me; its one of my favorite parts of my work. When the balance is disrupted, though, I struggle.

Our most recent Haiti mission trip was meticulously planned, the team well-trained, our partner on the ground in Haiti was top-notch. Our first flight was cancelled. We sought another flight; the earliest was two days later. As the team prepared to return to the airport, that flight was cancelled and there were no more options. Our team was unable to go to Haiti.

It’s disappointing when the planning doesn’t come to fruition. I don’t know how this fits into God’s greater plan yet. I’m thankful the airlines refunded what we paid for the tickets and that the teams fund raising helped to further the mission of RTS Missions. Our Church Council will decide how to use the unspent funds from this trip to advance our work in Haiti and to be fair to the team members who raised funds.

Please pray for the team and pray all the more for our work going forward. The kingdom of God isn’t built without resistance. Through it all, I trust God and I trust that He works through our planning. So, I return to praying and planning, more convinced than ever of the importance of this work.

In Christ’s Strength,
Pastor Mike