Permanent Endowment Fund

The Christ Church Permanent Endowment Fund was set up as a living memorial for those that have passed on before us. These donated funds are to be used for special projects supporting the church related to: worship, fellowship, local outreach, education and facilities.

Each year, the fund will be dispersed to Christ Church and the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee is responsible for the application process and disbursement of the funds, which will vary in amount year to year.
This year the amount made available to the Permanent Endowment Fund committee (Jeff Dietz, Dawn Burke, Roger Hall, John Zogg, Jenny Brinkmeyer, SuAnn Bieri, Mike Janes, Jon Peebles) for distribution was $8900.

Between May 1st and June 13th the Permanent Endowment Fund committee accepted applications to fund special projects supporting these causes. The committee is pleased to announce two projects were recipients of this year’s funds. Katie Kellenberger was awarded for her project One Eighty Zone – West-End Initiative.

These funds will be used for Local Outreach and Fellowship activities, connecting with children through creative crafts, interactive worship and relationship building. This award is for $1500.

We are also pleased to recognize Ryan Sloan and his project requesting a new video camera to record services and provide online videos. This project focuses on worship and will allow people to view the services they are not able to attend in person. This award is for $4500.

We are looking forward to periodic updates from both Katie and Ryan as they move forward with their projects.

The remaining funds from 2016 will be carried over into 2017. The committee will start the application process for 2017 beginning this November so you may want to start your list now. Information will be posted in the bulletin and on the church website when application information is available.

Congratulations to Katie and Ryan and blessings upon them as they do the Lord’s work.